The last post before my new blog

I still think that I’m not good at men, something related to XY and male. I can be flirty and gentle at the same time, to both man and woman. I’m quite confident to take care of girls and they also admit that their hearts are taken.

Why can’t I do it with the XY? I turn into a rabbit in front of a hunter fck.Nothing too serious about it but today is quite a quái thai day when a bunch of shit slap on my face and it’s mid-week so I cannot xoã dammit. My dear byul I wish you are here now for me to cuddle and be a real rabbit and at the same time I also want you not to be here because I cannot focus on my everything.

Btw my friends said I’m scare of serious relationship. Indeed, I’m so scare of you, guys.

2 thoughts on “The last post before my new blog

    • thuxanh

      Trước khi có blog phải post blog cũ câu kéo các bạn chị Caca. Khổ wá nội dung, hình ảnh xiền mua domain cod hết thiếu mỗi thời gian đi mua

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